200 Thousand for an Image: 12 Young Graduates - About Dress Prices, School Farewells, and Future Plans

2024-07-04 // LuxePodium
Graduates from Gymnasium No.1 in Novosibirsk talk about dress prices and future plans

12 graduates from Gymnasium No. 1 in Novosibirsk shared their thoughts on their prom night. The event was held at the White Hall of the Mayakovsky Cinema and Concert Complex. The students arrived in white limousines and were greeted by their parents, relatives, and friends with flowers and gifts. The atmosphere was festive, but there was also a sense of excitement as this eleven-year chapter of their lives came to an end. The girls shared their experiences of preparing for the prom, including finding the perfect dress, getting their hair and makeup done, and choosing accessories.

Sofia, a creative individual, expressed her desire to study either at the Theater Institute or the Architecture Academy after leaving school. She wore a romantic black dress for the prom, but didn't have time to change into her shoes upon arrival. She estimated the cost of her outfit to be around 25,000 rubles ($350) and did her own makeup and hair. She described the day as very nerve-wracking but was excited to have a great time at the prom.

Kate, who wants to study political science and plans to apply to several universities in Moscow, decided to have a dress made that resembled one she saw on a friend. She said the total cost of her prom look was unknown to her as it was a gift from her parents.

Anna wanted a custom-made dress similar to the one she saw on a friend. She had trouble finding the perfect dress and tried on many options before finally finding the one. Her dress cost around 50,000 rubles ($700) in total. She was excited about the future but also felt a bit sad knowing that this phase of her life was ending.

Maria and Irina both expressed mixed emotions about leaving school. Maria wants to study IT, while Irina plans to stay in Novosibirsk. They both estimated spending around 20,000 rubles ($280) for their prom outfits.

Liza chose a long black dress after much searching and estimated spending about 50,000 rubles ($700) on her total look. She spoke of how she would miss her classmates and the simplicity of school life.

Masha wanted a bright and memorable look. Her dress cost around 10,000 rubles ($140), and her entire ensemble amounted to about 20,000 rubles ($280).

Alyona hired a stylist to prepare her for the prom night. Her entire outfit cost over 40,000 rubles ($560).

Elia spent about two months searching for her red floor-length dress. The total cost of her outfit was around 200,000 rubles ($2,800), provided by her parents. She expressed both excitement and relief knowing that her school journey was coming to an end.

The girls shared their gratitude for their time in school and the memories they made. They admitted feeling both sad and happy as they bid farewell to their teachers, friends, and school life.