Dior Kicks off Paris Fashion Week with Fall/Winter Collection

2024-02-28 // LuxePodium
Dior premiered its Fall/Winter '24/25 Ready to Wear collection at Paris Fashion Week, showcasing trench coats and blazers with MISS DIOR emblazoned on them.

Set in a makeshift event space in the Tuileries gardens, Dior began Paris Fashion Week with the debut of its Fall/Winter '24/25 Ready to Wear collection. The models strutted down the runway in trench coats and blazers adorned with the phrase "MISS DIOR" on the front, in understated colors like tan and black.

The outfits and hairstyles exuded a sophisticated aura, with models sporting chic, tight chignons. However, the looks were enlivened with a pop of neon pink on the eyes, which Peter Phillips, Dior Makeup Creative and Image Director, explained was meant to evoke the delicacy of a flower petal.

Phillips' Inspiration

Phillips shared that the choice of pink was influenced by Maria Grazia, who discovered the color in scarves created by Marc Bohan in the '70s or '80s. He clarified that there was no pink featured in the collection itself, so the eye makeup acted as a subtle, ornamental detail akin to a rose petal placed on the inner corner of the eye. Phillips found beauty in the raw and imperfect aspects of nature, which he believed enhanced the overall appeal.

The Creation Process

Phillips began by hydrating the skin using Dior Capture Totale Le Sérum and Dior Capture Totale Hyalushot. He aimed to achieve a natural, dewy complexion by using the new star filter as a primer and then applying foundation and concealer based on each model's skin tone.

To achieve the desired look for the eyebrows, he gently shaped and defined them using the Diorshow Brow Styler and OnSet Brow. He then curled the eyelashes and applied the pink pigment to the inner corners of the eyes using a brush.

Keeping the focus on the eyes, Phillips opted for a simple lip look. He applied a swipe of Dior Addict Lip Glow Oil in clear, gently blotted to diminish any excessive shine.

For those who would like to adapt the runway look for everyday wear, Phillips suggested adding mascara. "No one will find you attractive without eyebrows and lashes," he humorously quipped. "So, if you plan to go out, add a touch of sensuality – a bit of mascara, a defined eyebrow – to look more approachable. Ultimately, that's what women desire. The catwalk look may get you a magazine cover, but not a date."

Jessica Roy, the former Digital Director of ELLE.com and previously the News Editor of The Cut, wrote this article. Her interests include baking, running, and adorable pictures of dogs on Instagram.