Lady Gaga Talks About the Intersection of Beauty and Art in Upfront Ventures Conference

2024-03-01 // LuxePodium
Lady Gaga shares her vision for beauty, art, science, and technology at the Upfront Ventures conference in L.A.

During a speaking engagement with Upfront Ventures in L.A., Lady Gaga showcased her clean and chic style. She wore a cream-colored turtleneck dress under a long trench coat, paired with black mega-platform boots. Gaga's platinum blonde hair had a wet appearance, adding to her unique look.

In her post, Gaga mentioned her discussion at Upfront Ventures about the intersection of beauty, art, science, and technology. She shared her experiences as the founder of a beauty company and her long-standing vision for the future.

In a recent interview with ELLE UK, Gaga emphasized the importance of artistry, science, and inclusivity in her brand, Haus Labs. She believes that beauty lies not only in the formulation but also in maintaining and improving the artistry experience for her customers.

Gaga expressed that beauty has always been a self-care routine for her over the years. She sees it as a way to embrace creativity, imagination, and self-expression. Using beauty as a tool, she finds another way to speak her mind.