New Spring Collection by DaisyKnit

2024-03-24 // LuxePodium
DaisyKnit presents their latest spring collection featuring a combination of sheer fabrics, pastel shades, and various textures.

The new spring collection by DaisyKnit showcases a refreshing blend of delicate fabrics, soft hues, and diverse textures, capturing the essence of nature's awakening and the beginning of the warm season.

The collection extensively utilizes different textures, including voluminous, pressed, satin, sheer, denim, and knitwear pieces. The suit ensemble features a pastel-toned jacket made of embossed Italian knitwear. For a standout look, the collection offers a coat-jacket and a flared skirt made of suit fabric, paired with a ruffled blouse.

The trend of transparency is accentuated in multiple positions throughout the collection, with the inclusion of blouses, skirts, and shirts made from fine Tencel fabric. Additionally, several new denim pieces have been introduced in the collection, including shirts, jackets, vests, and even trench coats.