Young football players addicted to gambling

2024-03-27 // LuxePodium
Defender Vladimir Poluyakhtov speaks up about his former teammates' gambling addiction and how it affected their lives.

Vladimir Poluyakhtov, a defender for "Orenburg", has shared some shocking details about his former teammates' addiction to gambling. He revealed that some players on the "Saturn" team would spend all of their modest salaries on slot machines.

"Temnikov told me about the guys on the 'Saturn' team who would spend all their meager wages on slot machines. Have you ever seen anything like that?" Poluyakhtov disclosed.

"Of course. It was crazy. They would ask their parents for money, saying they needed it for new boots. Their parents would send the money, and three or four days later, the boys would come back saying, 'I bought the boots, but they got torn. Mom, what are you doing! Do you think I'm lying to you?' And then they would ask for more money and spend it all on gambling," Poluyakhtov continued.

"They would borrow money, but they always paid it back. They knew that if they borrowed, it would be better to return it," he added.

"It happened, but I'm not that reckless. I couldn't bring myself to beg my parents like that. I saved my salary, played a little, but that's it. I always kept my head on my shoulders and didn't get involved in anything dangerous," Poluyakhtov stated.

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