Fashion Show "Fashion from the Closet" Will Take Place in Kostroma

2024-06-16 // LuxePodium
The city administration announced the upcoming fashion contest called "Fashion from the Closet". The event invites Kostroma residents of all ages to create fashionable outfits from old clothes, accessories, paper, or plastic.

Kostroma residents are about to witness a trendy fashion show featuring unique outfits, as reported by KOSTROMA.TODAY. According to the press service of the city administration, the city will host a competition called "Fashion from the Closet". All Kostroma residents aged 7 and above are eligible to participate. To join the competition, participants have to create a fashionable outfit using old clothes, accessories, paper, or plastic. The contest will have three categories: "Eco Costume," "Fairytale Guest," and "Children's Fashion."

Recently, the city of Kostroma won praise for its urban development. Residents expressed their approval of the city's beautification efforts, indicating improved living standards. The city administration is actively working towards providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment for its inhabitants.

However, not all news from Kostroma is positive. A local resident has been prohibited from making public appearances following his call to harm national leaders. The individual's statements were considered a threat to public safety and caused concern among authorities. Measures have been taken to ensure the situation is properly addressed and that public order is maintained.

In a different case, a Kostroma pensioner won a lawsuit against his lover, who allegedly faked a pregnancy. The court ruled in favor of the pensioner, awarding him 100,000 rubles in compensation for emotional distress caused by the false claim. This ruling highlights the importance of honesty and integrity in personal relationships.

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