A Radical Act of Restraint: Jonathan Anderson Presents His Spring-Summer 2025 Collection

2024-06-23 // LuxePodium
Jonathan Anderson's latest collection for the spring-summer season of 2025 is a radical act of restraint, combining personal references and unique voices in art and architecture.

Jonathan Anderson has named his menswear collection for the spring-summer 2025 season as "A Radical Act of Restraint". In a departure from the usual extravagant design choices, Anderson's latest show exuded a sense of balance and restraint. The collection drew inspiration from the works of photographer Peter Hujar, architects Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Carlo Scarpa, and artist Paul Thek, with their creations displayed throughout the venue. Anderson aimed to bring together his personal influences, creating a collection that was both personal and cohesive.

The collection focused on tailoring, reimagining the office core trend in a surreal and artistic manner. The show opened with three black tailored suits adorned with golden feathers attached to headbands, paired with Loewe blouse-scarfs. As models walked the runway, the blouses became more vibrant, the brand logo more prominent, and the feathers more diverse. Anderson later mixed the trousers with tops resembling the scales of a golden fish and introduced his version of harem pants, worn with a bare torso and draped at the waist with a branding patch. Leather jackets took on the appearance of mini-dresses, and knitted sweaters were paired once again with harem pants, this time made from wool. Bags resembling gold bars coexisted with chainmail tops and various patterns of plaid, while belts became an integral part of polo shirts.

The collection showcased Anderson's talent for combining contrasting elements and pushing the boundaries of fashion. With "A Radical Act of Restraint", he demonstrated his ability to create a balanced and cohesive collection that still retained his signature artistic and surreal touch.