Trends from the 2000s That Are Making a Comeback

2024-07-05 // LuxePodium
Discover the 7 trends from the 2000s that were once ridiculed but are now back in style.

As we all know, fashion is cyclical. Recently, we have seen a resurgence of 80s and 90s styles, and now the glamorous trends of the 2000s are making a comeback. Surprisingly, even the strangest and most ridiculous things from the 2000s are once again winning over the hearts of fashion enthusiasts, despite being laughed at just a few years ago.

Looking at celebrity photos and their outfits from the 2000s, it was hard to tell whether to laugh or cry. But that was until recently, because now they are back in fashion: rhinestones, hardcore glamour, and low-rise waistlines. All of these trends can now be seen on international runways. People's opinions about this "new" fashion are divided into two camps: some happily dig out their old velour suits and bedazzle their phones with rhinestones, while others dread seeing these trends on the streets again. has highlighted seven weird trends from the 2000s that were once ridiculed but are now back in favor.

Trend 1: Capri Pants

Capri pants were trendy in the 2000s and have made a comeback in 2024. They often look quite strange, as if the jeans were poorly washed and shrunk. Back then, everyone loved and bought them, usually opting for models made of blue denim with a low-rise waist and cuffs. This trend has now resurfaced in fashion, with modern capri pants looking slightly better, especially when paired with the right top and shoes.

Trend 2: Crop Tops

Crop tops were a staple in every fashionable woman's wardrobe. The smaller they were, the better. Girls often purposely chose a size smaller so that the mini-crop top would fit snugly. They fell out of favor for a while and were considered vulgar, but that didn't last long. In the last couple of years, crop tops have made a strong comeback and filled the shelves of boutiques. Modern designs are more diverse, and some are even more provocative than in the 2000s.

Trend 3: Rhinestones

In the 2000s, rhinestone-covered phone cases and clothing were incredibly popular. "The more sparkle, the more fashionable," was the motto of that era. Rhinestones were glued onto everything: tank tops, phone cases, shoes, and even cars. Remember those little pink phones covered in rhinestones? Well, they're back! Yes, stylists have rekindled their love for rhinestones. Currently, jeans, handbags, and, of course, glamorous phone cases with rhinestones are gaining popularity.

Trend 4: Low-Rise Jeans

No sooner had people gotten used to the stylish high-rise waistlines than they had to rush out and buy new low-rise jeans. This too was a beloved trend of the 2000s. Low-rise jeans were considered incredibly cool and showed off all the curves. However, these styles didn't suit everyone, and when curvy ladies wore low-rise jeans, it didn't always look great. By the way, if your underwear was visible from under the jeans, preferably rhinestone-studded, it was considered the height of fashion.

Trend 5: Bubble Skirts

Bubble skirts gained popularity in the 2000s, though they were quite controversial at the time. Now, designers have learned how to stylize them correctly, and they are regaining recognition. You can now see this item in the collections of top brands.

Trend 6: Leggings

Leggings never really went out of style, but their peak popularity was definitely in the 2000s. Fashionistas had a plethora of leggings in their wardrobes. Later on, leggings became only for athletic activities, but now they are being worn more frequently for outings and even events. Their versatility makes them an essential item.

Trend 7: Tracksuits

Twenty years ago, celebrities confidently hit the red carpet in tracksuits, as it was considered fashionable. Bright velour tracksuits were the most popular. Today's society has also embraced this trend, as comfort has become a priority. It seems like we will soon see celebrities on red carpets once again, but this time they won't be wearing evening gowns.

Fashion is the most harmless form of self-expression. It is highly individual, so it is important to respect other people's taste, as everyone has the right to wear what they like and feel comfortable in.