Celebrity Outfits at Nikas Film Award Criticized by Stylist

2024-07-06 // LuxePodium
Stylist criticizes the outfits of celebrities at the Nikas film award ceremony - let's see what Peresild, Kirkorov, Priluchny, Snigir, Kemstach, and Kryzhovnikov wore.

The stylist criticized the outfits of the stars at the Nikas film award ceremony, saying that there is an "invasion of tastelessness." She commented on the hairstyles of Pavel Priluchny and Anna Peresild, saying that Priluchny's hair looked unkept and that Peresild's dress was outdated and not age-appropriate.

She also mentioned that Yulia Snigir's white dress did not suit her complexion, and Ekaterina Volkova's metallic dress did not flatter her figure. However, she praised Valeriya Fedorovich's outfit, saying that her dress highlighted her figure and the draping added a nice touch.

The Importance of Dress Code

At events like the Nikas film award ceremony, there is usually a dress code specified in the invitations. Men are expected to wear tuxedos or suits, while women are expected to wear evening gowns. The stylist noted that not all Russian celebrities adhere to the dress code, and some add their own touches that may not work well with their overall looks.

Expert Opinion

The stylist emphasized that there are many talented Russian designers and experienced stylists who can create beautiful outfits for celebrities. However, she believes that some celebrities rely solely on their own taste and vision, which may result in unflattering and tasteless outfits.

She also mentioned that the media's focus on celebrity outfits puts pressure on them to look good, but she does not understand why there is an "invasion of tastelessness." She believes that there are still plenty of fashion options available, despite the departure of some brands.

Overall, the stylist concluded that while some celebrities' outfits were successful, others missed the mark. She advised them to pay more attention to details such as hairstyling, jewelry, and overall balance in their looks.