Choose the Right Clothing to Beat the Heat, Advises Professor Shamin

2024-07-07 // LuxePodium
Professor Shamin warns about the risk of heat stroke due to improper clothing. Natural materials like cotton and linen are recommended.

Professor Shamin has issued a warning to the residents of Moscow about the potential dangers of wearing inappropriate clothing during the summer months. According to the professor from the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, wearing the wrong clothes can suffocate the skin and even lead to heat stroke. To avoid such pitfalls, he recommends choosing clothing made from natural materials.

Dr. Shamin, who holds a doctorate in physics and mathematics, believes that several factors should be considered when purchasing clothing. These factors include thermal conductivity, waterproofness, breathability, moisture-wicking properties, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, among others.

"Breathable materials allow the skin to breathe and prevent overheating. These include cotton and linen, which are natural materials that allow air to pass through, absorbing sweat. Bamboo also has excellent breathability and absorbent properties, which is why it is used in sportswear," said Dr. Shamin.

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