Growing Trend of Simple and Healthy Food in Russian Restaurants

2024-07-08 // LuxePodium
Russian restaurants are embracing a trend of simple and nutritious food as customers prioritize clear menus and healthy options.

A growing trend of simple and healthy food is taking hold in Russian restaurants. Restaurateur Anton, the creator of the "Uryuk" and "Grand Uryuk" chain, shared his insights with Gazeta.Ru on how recent events have influenced the domestic restaurant market.

The rapid growth of domestic tourism and sanctions limiting imports have led to an increase in consumer demand for local ingredients in restaurant menus. Customers today are more inclined to choose easily understandable food options. Restaurants are now competing for their customers' attention by catering to their needs and preferences while also attracting new ones.

Anton also highlighted the increasing automation in restaurants, which improves operations for both guests and owners. Digitizing processes not only enhances internal operations but also improves interactions with customers. Examples include touchless ordering, QR menus, robot waiters, and the integration of artificial intelligence. The implementation of loyalty programs is also becoming more common, allowing restaurants to cater to customers' preferences, regardless of whether they visit in person or online.

There is also a growing demand for healthy food due to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and various sports activities. Customers now want to know what ingredients are in their dishes. Restaurants must ensure that their healthy menu options are not only nutritious but also delicious, and preferably as satisfying as "unhealthy" dishes.

However, the past few years under sanctions have been challenging for the restaurant sector. The availability of high-quality restaurant equipment has decreased, logistics have been disrupted, and delivery times have increased. Many restaurants have had to revise their menus and shift their focus to local products, including those from former CIS countries, as alternatives to imported ingredients. Operating in times of economic instability is not easy, and many businesses were not prepared for it. Online monitoring of expenses, process optimization, and profit redistribution, as well as studying current trends and implementing them, have become essential.

These experiences have taught restaurant owners the importance of emotional resilience and preparedness in times of crisis. Panicking is one of the biggest enemies of businesses. Entrepreneurs who struggle to manage their emotions find themselves with limited time to make the right decisions. A true leader must remain level-headed, understand how to act in a crisis, and continuously motivate their team.

The past two years have taught all restaurateurs the importance of emotional resilience and preparedness for any situation.

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