Permyak Selling Vinyl Record Collection on Avito for One Million Rubles

2024-05-22 // LuxePodium
A resident of Perm is selling a vinyl record collection on Avito for one million rubles. The owner estimates its value to be one million rubles.

A resident of Perm is selling his father's vinyl record collection on Avito. He has been collecting the collection throughout his life. The owner values it at one million rubles.

"A unique collection of vinyl records, released in the 1970s and 1980s, is for sale. The collection includes various genres of music, from rock to jazz. I should note that my father collected this collection for 50 years," the advertisement on Avito says.

The Permyak also mentioned that he will give away a "Corvet" turntable for free along with the record collection.

A record by The Prodigy with Liam Howlett's autograph is being sold for one million rubles.

A court in Perm has issued a verdict against a gynecologist responsible for the death of a mother with multiple children.

The finalists of the "Perm Souvenir" competition have been chosen in the Perm region. The final will take place on May 22 at the Perm-EXPO exhibition center.

In Cherdyn, a man tried to save his friend from going to jail and ended up being sentenced himself.

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614077, Perm Territory, Perm, Gagarin Boulevard, Building 80a, Unit 1.

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