6 Memorable Trends from the Men's Fashion Week in Milan and Paris for Spring-Summer 2025

2024-06-25 // LuxePodium
The recently concluded men's fashion week in Milan and Paris showcased 6 trends for the upcoming spring-summer 2025 season. From well-fitted suits and tuxedos to work jackets with multiple pockets, these trends are ready to be incorporated into your wardrobe.

Yesterday, the men's fashion week for the spring-summer 2025 season came to an end in Paris. The event not only revealed the favorite runway shows but also identified six trends that can be confidently embraced in the current wardrobe.

1. If it's classic, then it's a well-fitted suit and/or tuxedo

The timeless appeal of a well-made suit or tuxedo never goes out of style. This season, classic silhouettes with a perfect fit took center stage, making them a must-have for any fashionable man.

2. If it's outerwear, then it's work jackets with multiple pockets

Functionality meets style with work jackets featuring an abundance of pockets. Practical and trendy, these jackets allow you to carry your essentials while looking effortlessly cool.

In addition to the trends mentioned above, there were several other noteworthy moments during the men's fashion week in Milan and Paris. However, these six trends stood out and are expected to dominate the fashion scene in the upcoming spring-summer season.