Stylish Maxima: 5 Fashion Rules of the Queen of the Netherlands

2024-05-18 // LuxePodium
In this article, we discuss the fashionable techniques that the vibrant Queen of the Netherlands, Maxima, incorporates into her style.

The case when charisma and a sincere smile help make any outfit stylish and memorable. We discuss the fashion tricks that are worth taking note of from the most joyful royal figure in the world.

When it comes to modern royal fashion icons, Queen Maxima is often mentioned less frequently than the Duchess of Cambridge or the wife of Prince Harry, Meghan. However, this certainly does not diminish the fashion merits of the first lady of the Netherlands. Since marrying into the Dutch royal family in 2002, Maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti has developed her own royal style that inspires women around the world. Whether it's casual events or formal outings, Maxima knows how to impress the public and always remains true to herself. She is forgiven for fashion mishaps that look more charming than tasteless.

The Queen Consort's Wardrobe

As an active member of the royal family, who regularly attended dozens of events before the pandemic, Maxima's wardrobe can indeed be considered one of the most diverse and extensive in Europe. She knows how to wear a bright dress with simple shoes from democratic brands and stylishly complement her outfit with outerwear that never spoils the impression of the look.

Maxima rarely loses fashion battles, and her protocol hats and understated outfits always make a splash. And although she always humbly follows royal protocol, she can also easily allow herself to experiment while never crossing the line. We discuss five key rules of her wardrobe.

Maxima's Fashion Rules

Maxima's main feature is her mastery of wearing bright colors. She often combines different shades from the same palette, uses color blocking techniques, and combines two bold colors from the rainbow palette, creating incredible combinations. However, Maxima never turns into one big flashy spot; instead, she skillfully presents all her bright outfits with a wide smile and lively communication.

Another fashion love of Maxima's is combining various prints, which many people are afraid to do. It is certainly not an easy task, but the Queen Consort is not afraid to mix even the most seemingly incompatible patterns, such as floral ornaments and stripes. An excellent example of her skill in playing with complex prints is her outfit by Mary Katrantzou at a concert during the annual King's Day celebration in April 2018.

Maxima's secret weapon is her passion for hats. While many royal figures shy away from wearing hats to official events and try to avoid this fate, the Dutch fashionista goes against the grain and makes hats her signature wardrobe detail. She has hats for every taste, from small, subdued-colored pillbox hats to bold, colorful accessories with unique decorations, which often become a bigger sensation than the event itself. Protocol variations coexist successfully with more traditional accessories, such as straw hats. One of her most stylish looks was showcased during her trip to Palermo, where she paired a wide-brimmed hat with massive gold embellishments and a white dress.

Despite her love for a colorful palette, Maxima also effortlessly manages a restrained neutral color scheme. Minimalism is not her style, so when it comes to a plain and calm palette, she either chooses unique cuts or integrates prints of the same shade into her outfit, which do not stand out but make the look more sophisticated in terms of styling.

Although the color red has long been the main favorite of her Spanish colleague, Queen Letizia, Maxima also frequently incorporates shades of crimson. In her case, this hue does not overshadow her personality because the Queen Consort is so vibrant and radiates so much energy that no other color can overshadow her individuality.