Medvedev's Foot Blisters Affect Performance in French Open Match

2024-06-04 // LuxePodium
Medvedev opens up about his foot blisters and how they affected his performance in the match against De Minaur at the French Open.

Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev spoke about his struggles with foot blisters during his match against Alex De Minaur at the French Open. Medvedev ended up losing the match in the fourth round with a score of 6-4, 2-6, 1-6, 3-6.

When asked about the drastic change in his performance after the first set, Medvedev attributed it to De Minaur's strong gameplay rather than his own decline. He admitted that De Minaur played exceptionally well and was able to find solutions to his every shot and response on the court. Medvedev, on the other hand, struggled to match his opponent's level.

Medvedev was also asked about the potential influence of his foot blisters, problems with his serve, changes in playing conditions, and the absence of a roof on the court. He dismissed the impact of his blisters, stating that they didn't bother him during the match. He expressed satisfaction with his serves and believed that if he had served as well on a hard court, De Minaur would have had a harder time. While acknowledging the different conditions without a roof, Medvedev didn't believe it made a significant difference in the outcome.

Medvedev further explained that foot blisters were not uncommon for him, especially on clay courts. He mentioned that dirt and grime often got inside his shoes during the match, causing friction and leading to blisters. However, he clarified that the blisters he had during the match were not severe and merely required some precautionary measures.

Although foot blisters have become slightly more frequent for Medvedev recently, he considered it a normal part of playing on clay courts. He hoped that he wouldn't have any blister issues in the upcoming Wimbledon tournament. Medvedev acknowledged that foot blisters had affected his performance in previous Grand Slam tournaments, including the Australian Open, where he experienced similar problems.

Overall, Medvedev accepted that De Minaur outplayed him in their match, but he also recognized the importance of finding solutions when things aren't going well on the court. He remains optimistic for future tournaments and aims to improve his game.

Source: Sport correspondent Andrey Vasilyev