Trends of Summer 2024: Stylist Reveals the Latest Fashion Trends

2024-05-21 // LuxePodium
Fashion stylist Marina German shares the latest trends for summer 2024, including linen garments, transparent dresses, and feminine tops.

Fashion stylist Marina German revealed the latest fashion trends for summer 2024. According to her, this season's key trend is linen garments. She emphasized the importance of incorporating textured summer fabrics and knitwear into outfits. This includes suits with trousers or skirts made from lightweight summer knitwear and knitted items. Knitted and transparent dresses will also be in style.

German also highlighted the relevance of interesting footwear for the summer. Many trends from the previous seasons, such as ballet flats, continue to be popular. Mesh ballet flats will be particularly trendy this summer, providing a transparent effect on the foot.

The stylist emphasized the trend of femininity for the summer, suggesting off-the-shoulder tops with wide cuffs to accentuate the clavicle area. She recommended mixing feminine elements, like ruffled blouses, with rugged and loose-fitting jeans or low-waisted denim.

German also mentioned that linen is a great base for building a summer capsule wardrobe. Linen pants, Bermuda shorts, and linen jackets can be combined to create various looks. Adding dresses and skirts made from linen completes the capsule collection.

For colors, the stylist suggested opting for soft and muted shades, with priority given to pink and baby blue. Grunge style enthusiasts can continue wearing ripped jeans and oversized denim jackets, while incorporating metal chains as decoration. Loose-fitting shorts paired with chunky sandals provide a comfortable yet stylish option.

In terms of footwear trends, German recommended sandals with lightweight soles, suede boots, slingbacks, small-heeled flip-flops, and leather slides. Accessory trends include headbands, baseball caps, woven bags, and straw hats.