Exhibition of Vladimir Nekrasov's Art Collection Opens at the Russian Museum

2024-05-30 // LuxePodium
An exhibition of paintings from the collection of Vladimir Nekrasov has opened at the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg.

The exhibition, held in the Benois Building of the Russian Museum, showcases works by artists from the 20th and 21st centuries that belonged to collector Vladimir Nekrasov. Over 600 artworks were donated to the Russian Museum by Nekrasov in 2020, and approximately 200 of these masterpieces will be on display at the exhibition. Many of these pieces were previously unknown to the public and rarely exhibited. The collection includes works by the art collective Kukryniksy, as well as Arkady Plastov, Viktor Popkov, and Sergey Gerasimov.

One of the highlights of the exhibition is a series of seven icon paintings by Aida Salahova, which explore the theme of heroism of doctors in the fight against the coronavirus. Visitors will have the opportunity to see these remarkable pieces of art until July 1.

In Moscow, the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation has opened an exhibition titled "Russian Constructors." The exhibition, organized by the publishing house "Arguments and Facts," showcases the achievements of scientists, engineers, and inventors. More than two thousand athletes participated in a parade at the "Russia" exhibition, which will be open until the end of May at the following address: 2/1 Sovetskoi Armii Street.