BLISS Flowers: Providing Luxury Floral Services in Singapore and Beyond

2024-05-10 // LuxePodium
BLISS Flowers opens its doors in Singapore, offering breathtaking bouquets and floral arrangements for various occasions. The company's unique and personalized service sets them apart from other luxury floral services on the market.

"I can buy myself flowers," goes the famous chorus from Miley Cyrus' hit single, highlighting the significance of flowers in society. BLISS Flowers understands this and provides a bespoke floral service that caters to a range of events and occasions.

Introducing BLISS Flowers

BLISS Flowers is a floral service that offers stunning bouquets and floral arrangements. With over 15 years of experience, BLISS takes pride in providing a carefully curated experience that reflects its clients' wishes. The service includes event designs and brand activations for various industries.

Expanding to Singapore

After the success of its Middle Eastern counterparts, BLISS Flowers is opening its doors in Singapore. With a physical store and an online service, BLISS aims to bring its unique floral offerings to customers in Asia.

Partnering with Prominent Brands

BLISS Flowers has an esteemed list of partners, including Cartier, Gucci, Ferrari, and Louis Vuitton. This showcases the company's versatility in providing for clients across the automotive, fashion, and luxury hotelier industries.